Teaching Tools

“I've used this film in the classroom, and in community activism as part of campaigns against jail-building projects in my County. It has been a wonderful resource for introducing people to the concept of prison abolition and stimulating important conversations about the role of imprisonment in our lives and our local environments. I am so grateful that this tool exists and I know it will continue to be a very important resource in my work.”

Dean Spade, Associate Professor at Seattle University School of Law. Prior to joining the faculty of Seattle University, Dean was a Williams Institute Law Teaching Fellow at UCLA Law School and Harvard Law School.


"Visions of Abolition transformed my understanding of punishment and the possibilities of action; the film was the first space in which I had even heard about abolitionism in the contemporary context, and I was struck by how powerfully it reframed the existing debates I had been exposed to as starkly limited by the white liberal imagination. Visions of Abolition drives home how a commitment to an abolitionist future—even if we’re not quite sure how to get there yet—is the true project of liberation, and one in which we can all collectively work to see ourselves within. The film’s centering of Black women and their stories further reveals the urgency and bravery of committing to abolitionism in our present moment. Sharing the film with my first-year undergraduate students really shifted the tenor of the class and our discussion. I witnessed these students take up the commitment of abolitionist futurities with excitement, and I’ve seen many of them take that commitment with them in their respective pathways through law, medicine, and activism. To me, that really shows the power of the film — these students are taking the possibilities presented in Visions of Abolition with them through all walks of life and acting as transformative abolitionist agents along the way."

Dr. Susila Gurusami, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and UC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow at UCR. www.susilagurusami.com.